How to Hypnotize a Lobster
Julia Rose Lewis

Selected by Laura Goode for the PITCH VIPER PRIZE 2018.

The speakers in Lewis’ HtHaL tolerate the bafflements of desire by a kind of plucky didacticism and wordplay, well aware the gaze is upon them. One asks: ‘Could hexagonal-dipyramidal be the kind of space group you are seeking?’; another, ‘What about the peahens?’ They dispense with interest in beginnings and ends straightaway, and set about wondering what it is to proceed.

‘These poems accrue into a system of logic that succeeds entirely on the unique terms of its own self-invention.’

—Laura Goode


8in x 8in
28 pages, cloth, staple-stitched
Recycled or sustainably-sourced paper
Vegan inks
Offset-print in an edition of 75

Cover illustration by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

Publication in April, 2018
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