Joseph Spece

Little prepares for this avant-garde encounter, full of blackouts, projective forms, hexes, play, and sudden lyricism. Indeed, Spece’s BAD ZOO is menagerie-reclaiming-world—a world made lurid by the imperative of confrontation, the alternately gnashing and desperate plenty of queers, animals, fungi, and mutants in the rooms. A floating head warns: ‘next I will trail the length of this gore / like attar, my Lord // into your long Empyrean.’

Each copy of BAD ZOO is one-of-a-kind, including spray paint and ink details hand-applied by the author, and an unique hand-written line in-text.

‘Even the doubt is masterly.’

—Scherezade Siobhan


7in x 8in
83 pages, cloth, hand-bound (perfect)
Recycled or sustainably-sourced paper
Vegan inks
Offset-print in an edition of 200

Each copy contains unique hand-applied details

Cover + interior panels include original artwork by Darren Hopes

Publication in July, 2018
Pre-Order   $25
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