The Sharkpack

Fathom Books is part of the SHARKPACK’s evolution.

SHARKPACK Poetry Review was founded in 2011 as a ‘space for pithy, incisive reviews of contemporary poems and poetry of the living past—poems as stand-alone art objects, extant outside the context of books and anthologies.’ It’s grown to include no-nonsense reviews of long volumes and chapbooks, reflections on the writing life, and poetic theory.

The SHARKPACK Annual was born in 2014—as a happy result, really, of how much good writing we found doing SPR’s work. Our webmaster, Eric Westerlind, created a content-forward, sharp digital magazine featuring bold colors, aural capability, readable and pleasing fonts, and fresh layout schemes—to say nothing of content, which we believe equals or surpasses that of any contemporary glossy. After just two years in publication, SPR Annual has awarded over $500 in prizes to poets and flash fiction writers in fee-free initiatives like OUR ALCHEMICAL VALENTINE, VALUS’ SIGIL, and the annual Prospero Prizes.