De profundis, de profundis.

Like our sister magazines SHARKPACK Poetry Review and SHARKPACK Annual, Fathom began with a sense of unrest that found friends. More specifically: Fathom was driven into being by a belief that much gnomic, searching, profound verse is buried by the prevalence of contemporary talk-poetries and the politicking of certain pobiz ‘powers.’

What started splenetically has progressed indignantly, now happily; and since we couldn’t find a venue attuned to our specific concerns, we sought to build one, first committing our own works and those of writers who move us.

Publishing books of a cabalistic, neo-gnostic bent reminds us of the estrangement we first felt encountering great literature: that the Word could do far more than communicate; that it could split and fragment knowing, thereby loosing the ghost to spaces of new theory, animal sensibility, genuine prostration and elevation, high naturalism, philosophy, spiritual queerness, acid. Thus it’s become a duty and a passion to seek estranging work and disseminate it.

Our production methods are likewise bound by a sense of duty: we use only recycled or sustainably-sourced papers; only vegan inks; and all volumes are offset print in small numbers and hand-bound by our friends at Eberhardt Press.

We want all forceful writings that are opposed to colloquial—i.e., disappearing—delivery: poetry, fiction, theory, essay, Other. We seek unshapely, baffling rocks in a landscape with too many slick lawns. De profundis.

Our 2016 publishing year includes Laura Goode’s shortbook Become a Name, Stephanie Adams-Santos’ longbook Swarm Queen’s Crown, and—with help from our Kickstarter supporters—Owen Vince's shortbook THE ADRIFT OF SAMUS ARAN. See our submissions page if you're interested in sharing your work with Fathom.

Joseph Spece is founding editor, publisher, and book designer at Fathom.

Darren Hopes is Fathom’s art consultant and the creator of our logo variants.

Eric Westerlind is associate editor and Fathom’s web architect.